Start Your CV with a Future-Focussed Bang

👉 MAKE YOUR CV FUTURE FOCUSSED – you want to appeal to the NEXT employer, not just dumping your past on them. You want to give them what THEY’RE looking for. Here’s 1 easier way to do this (easier than spending hours overhauling your entire CV for every job you apply for):

Start your CV with a “Summary” and tailor it to match the job advert. Here’s a job advert, followed by the kind of summary I’m recommending.

➤ Sample job ad: “Management Accountant. Opportunity for a CIMA qualified management accountant with 5 years experience in the manufacturing sector. The position is focussed strongly on materials costing, cost reductions, and reporting financial and production data to the Production Manager and Managing Director and Senior Management Team. BTech or BCom degree, Syspro skills an advantage. Boksburg area.”

➤ Here’s my recommendation (see the image below) – see how it checks the boxes in the advert? It also adds real results and statistics. All the best stuff. Right up front. It’s useful there. It’s hard to miss. It’s helpful to the reader. This is the kind of CV I try to write for my clients every day (usually a bit more modern in style, every CV is different). Hope this helps you today.

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Warning: My CV Writing Service May Not Be for You!

It’s true.

I’ve just added this warning to my CV Writing Service details:

This is for your protection. And mine.

If you’re looking for a traditional CV – 10 pages long, a cover page with a clip-art image of two people shaking hands on it with your name in big bold type and enveloped in scrolls … if you’re looking for a CV that begins with your “Personal Details” followed by your “Secondary School Details” … a CV that has long lists of your “Duties and Responsibilities” … then let me be clear, my service is NOT for you.

However … if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone a little, if you feel it’s time to ‘push the envelope’ in your efforts to market yourself, if you’re willing to take a bolder, fresher, more to the point approach in which you distinguish yourself (in a competitive and cluttered job market, not a bad idea!); if you view yourself as a ‘business’; if you want to present yourself as a ‘business solution’ to a company (whether you’re a PA or CEO) – even though you’re employed …

… then you’re the kind of person I LOVE dealing with. You’re the reason I do what I do. And together we’ll get great results. My service very definitely IS for you.

Go to for more. Or contact me direct on gerard [at]

Before You Choose a CV Writer, Read This

A CV writer could change your luck. Here are 4 critical criteria to use when choosing one – from Gerard le Roux, a CV writer and advertising copywriter with 20 000 hours of CV writing experience.

[Contact me here: gerard [at], or call me on +27 83 744 5454 – it’s my personal number. Before calling, please make sure you’re serious about getting professional help.]

4 Criteria for Choosing a Good CV Writer

Must be a salesman. You are a product, a service, a business. Your market is employers. So if you’re a business, do you have a sales department? Who’s selling you? Who’s your Rep? Who’s in PR? Who’s out there selling for you? And it is a sale. The employer has a need. You have a solution. But in a competitive market you better be good at sales.

Or have someone in your corner who is.

Must be able to sell with words. Many CV writers think the secret is in the English, the grammar, the spelling. And sure, that’s all important. But let me tell you a secret. Employers and recruiters are looking, desperately, for good people. They make a lot of money from them.

Is a little typo going to make them bury you? Not if you’re presenting yourself with power and effect. Not if you’re hitting the right buttons. Not if you make a compelling case. And to get that right, you need someone who can string the words together in a way that’s persuasive.

You better have someone in your corner who can do that.

Must take a personal approach. You are unique. You need someone who’ll listen and work with you on your ‘marketing message.’ Someone who will put a positive spin on your experience (not just type the words into a pretty format.) And someone who understands what it the ‘heck’ it is you do.

You’d better have a CV writer can do that.

Must have a big imagination. Why?! Because let’s be real, you may have been in Admin for 20 years. You may not have won any awards. You may have just been ‘reliable Suzie’ in Accounts. And that’s okay! But even so, your CV needs to stand out. It needs to sell you. It needs to make an impact. It takes imagination from a CV writer to find a way.

You’d better have one who has it.

[Gerard le Roux is a CV writer who fits these criteria. What’s he reading right now? “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets … Killer Salesmanship, The Function of Seduction” by John Carlton. I’ve done my 20 000 hours as an expert, but I’m always learning, trying to figure new ways to help job hunters grab attention and be irresistible to en employer.]

Go to for more. Or e-mail me at gerard [at], or call me on my personal number (only if you’re serious about getting professional help) on +27 83 744 5454.



CV Writer: Personal, Professional Help for You

CV writer Gerard le Roux can help you. Personally. And wherever you are in South Africa, the UK, USA, Australia or NZ.

You may be tearing your hair out when writing your own CV! It’s hard! There are times when you need specialist, personal, professional help.

  • Are you stuck, not knowing how to present yourself?
  • Are you too busy for the agony of writing it yourself?
  • Do you have a unique situation requiring fresh approach?
  • Do you want your CV to be more than just ‘average’ or ‘typical.’
  • Do you need your CV to bash down doors of opportunity?

Are you a CEO? A CA? Or perhaps an Engineer? Maybe you’re in Customer Service or Sales? Administration? What about an Advocate or Attorney? A Web Developer, Project Manager. Or a PA.

As a CV writer for the last 10 years, I’ve seen a lot of CVs. And one thing I’ve learned is that everyone is a ‘special case’. You are unique. Your CV needs special attention. You cannot be put in a one-size-fits-all box.

Your CV is there to persuade and influence an employer. To show that you’re a match for what they want, you’ll solve their problem.

2 CV Writer Challenges You Face

‘CV writer’ challenge #1 is to understand you, understand where you want to go with your career. Then to extract from you the information that will serve to show that you have what it takes.

CV writer challenge #2 is to present that information in a professional but fresh, hard hitting, persuasive fashion.

Somehow … these 2 CV writer challenges are hard to tackle on your own. Many people spend hours agonizing over them. And just not getting it right.

I know you can present your self more powerfully. But the average CV format and thinking just doesn’t allow for it. You are a product. You are a brand. With your knowledge and skills you are of value to a business somewhere.

The question is: are you communicating that effectively on paper? As a CV writer that’s the problem I’ll help you with.

 CV Writer Services

My CV writer services are detailed in the document you can download here – it contains an overview of how I work, what the fees are and what additional services I offer – eg. sorting out your LinkedIn profile. Or you can view the information on this webpage:


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