5 Step CV Success Test

The 4 W’s and 1 H CV Success Test

Your CV needs hit hard. It has a job to do. And it’s got to do it fast. Whap, bang, boom! So here’s the Who? What? Where? Why? How? CV test – just to check if your CV is based on correct principles.

CV Test: Page 1

Take out your CV. Turn to page 1. And page 1 only. (Don’t turn to page 2 yet!)

And ask:

  • Who?: Does my page 1 immediately tell the reader who I am? Not just my name. But my best qualification and some idea of previous job titles?
  • What?: Does my page 1 immediately tell the reader what job/position I’m looking for? And does it clearly state what benefits I can bring to the reader in that role (ie more money, more peace of mind, more time, more efficiency, etc.)?
  • Where?: Does my page 1 immediately tell the reader where I’ve worked previously? Does it give some idea of where I’ve worked most recently – relevant to the position I’m applying for?
  • Why?: Does my page 1 immediately tell the reader why I feel confident in applying for the position? Does it tell of my most outstanding achievements – relevant to the position I’m applying for?
  • How?: How can I make my page 1 more focussed on conveying the above information? Bit of a cop-out 5th point – I have to admit – and yet, it’s important. No point in using this test if you’re just going to carry on as usual! Are you with me? Go back. Make changes. Try new things. Make an impact!

Now what about page 2? Truth is page 2 may not matter if we haven’t answered YES to the 4 Ws. There’s nothing more powerful than a great page 1! As a force for GOOD or BAD!

Notice that the 4 Ws are a MIX of claims and facts. Claims are just ‘fluff’ on their own. We can say we’re wonderful till we’re blue in the face but it means nothing UNLESS we’ve got something (qualifications, experience, achievements, references etc) to back it up.

So how’re ya lookin? I hope this provides some positive guidance for you. Of all the questions, of course it’s the “how” that’s most important. This is the question that represents improvement and subsequent better results. Test and learn. Test, modify and adjust.
If you scored ‘zero’ on the 4 Ws don’t get discouraged – just learn. I’ve recently written CVs for several Doctors (medical, computer science), MBA grads, Managing Directors, etc and THEY didn’t have a clue about the 4 Ws either. But NOW they do!

Be creative. Be bold. Look at your experience. You’ve done good work haven’t you? Put it out there! Employers are thirsty for good people! They appreciate someone who wants to be of benefit to their business and who says so.

Your CV becomes a powerful weapon if it adheres to the 4 Ws. And of course if you just don’t have time or you can’t face a moment more frustration trying to get your CV right then find out more about my CV writing service at here.

Or check this out – how to write a “Guerrilla CV“.

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