Kick-Ass Cover Letter

A Kick-Ass Cover Letter and Cover Letter Template – Change the Game!

Is there a kick-ass cover letter you can use to grab attention of recruiters and employers? Can you raise your cover letter game? Yep. Sometimes you just need to be audacious. Bold. Maybe even a little cocky. Why? To break through the noise in the job market. To reach your audience with the message you want them to 1) hear, and 2) act on.

Let’s take a cover letter. For a job application.

Cover Letter Mistake

Man, I’ve seen a lot of this:

❌ “Dear Hiring Manager, I am a hard working, well qualified and experienced person who is eager to apply for the position advertised. I am versatile and a team player who…”

Trouble is, it’s boring. Common. Like a million others.

The Kick-Ass Cover Letter

Why not try this instead? (The example pertains to someone in the Supply Chain / Warehousing / Logistics sector.)

And you’ll notice a few things about it.

  1. It addresses the needs of the employer. It’s all about them.
  2. It leads specific purpose – I want to speak about 3 things. It’s clear. Shows intent and thought.
  3. All 4 main points are benefits to the employer.
  4. Where you do speak about yourself… note… it’s in the context of providing a solution to them!! Solving THEIR problems. How you’ve done it before. And you have a special way of doing it.
  5. It not only tells them what you do, it describes how AND that you get quick results.
  6. You ask for the interview.

Okay, ready to take a look at the kick-ass cover letter?

The Template


“Dear Angela. I’m eager to speak to you about 3 things:

1) Slashing costs in your warehouse.
2) Speeding processes – getting goods to customers quicker.
3) Reducing stock losses.

And actually there’s a 4th…

4) Reducing transport costs, through smart route planning.

This is of course in connection with the role you’ve advertised for Warehouse Manager. I have 13 years experience in this kind of role. And notably, I’ve developed my own what I call my “F.A.S.T. Warehouse Efficiency Plan”. This is a template I use as a Warehouse Manager to make all 4 of the above improvements.

Usually I see results within the first month. In my last position it was 5% cost reduction within 3 weeks. And it was just the beginning.

I’d love to speak to you about your role. When is a good time?”


No long story. No “I’m hard working”. Just focus on how you bring the benefits with your special approach. It can be a gamechanger in a world of grey, sameness, unoriginality!

Try it. By the way, your CV should ALSO do similar work for you. Try to incorporate this kind of thing into your CV / resume too (I can do that for you, see my services here:
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