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Using a CV template can be an easy way of writing your CV. Just fill in your details. Here’s CV template or two for you to use free. And you’ll notice a variety of CV template styles and formats to choose from.

However. Ja, sorry, there’s always a catch with me! I’ve just seen too much as a professional CV writer – mistakes, frustrations, complete disasters – from trying to take a quick fix, corner cutting approach.

So …

CV Template Warning!

In the description of my CV writing service I say:

It’s not the pretty format that makes your CV effective. It’s the intelligence behind it that makes it effective. How words are used, how jobs and achievements are presented …”

And we’re not talking there about the visual presentation. It’s things like how sentences are structured. What words are used. How complex concepts are presented in clear simple language. So is it the CV template that makes the difference. No.

Another pitfall is that often CV templates use formatting tools in MS Word, for eg, that we’re not familiar with – spacing and alignment for eg.

So when we enter our text and things don’t fit in the CV template we have to make adjustments. And then we screw up and don’t know how to fix it. More time and frustration is the result. And we were using a CV template to make it easier!!

It happened to me a lot when I started out writing CVs. So beware – it’s not all 123, abc with a CV template approach, ok?!

CV Template Examples

[When you click the CV template link the doc will download to your computer. If you have any difficulty drop me an e-mail and I’ll do what I can to help – gerard [at]]

CV Template #1 The ‘Stock Standard’ Perfect Average
It’s neat and clean and uses a table-based approach. But it’s boring and there’s no room for getting creative. But this template may well be for you if you’re conservative and just want a basic record of where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

CV Template#2 Progressive
This CV template is a bit more progressive and will be acceptable all over the world. But on the downside from a writing point of view – you will have to know how to keep all your CV info really concise. Also be prepared to sell yourself quickly and strongly at the start. Putting it into words can be tough.

An “IT” CV Template
If you’re in IT, you may want some ideas specifically for your industry, you’ll see some of them in the template. But ALSO go here to see my article titled, “5 IT CV Guerrilla Tactics”.

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