CV Sample and Analysis

CV Sample and Insight Into What Works in a CV

Having a CV sample or CV examples can be helpful. You want it/them to see what works, how a CV should look, what it should have in it. And then you want to apply it to your CV.

Ok so here are some CV samples for you to study. And with each cv sample or cv example come my observations and comments.

CV Sample/s CV Example/s and Analysis

Each CV sample presented are in PDF and MS Word format – with comments imbedded. So click on the links and download the cv sample, read the comments and you’ll be a smarter CV writer as a result!

Just a little cv sample warning here though. You do want to be careful if you’re wanting to copy someone else’s CV example. It can be difficult, like trying to squeeze your ’round peg’ into a ‘square hole’. And when you’re forcing things to fit, somehow it always looks awkward and a bit ‘off’.

So study the CV samples and examples here. Fine. But learn from the analysis on them. See what works.

In the cv samples I’ve used some really unusual features that you’d seldom have ever seen on any other CV. Maybe that’ll help you see what can be done. There are no real ‘rules’ when it comes to your CV. Just guiding principles.

[NOTE (May 2020) – the samples below are very dated. I’m working on some updates here in May 2020. I always hesitate to give samples. Here’s why. 2 Reasons. 1) You are unique. What worked for someone else may not work for you. There’s no ‘one way’ to do it. 2) I’ll never share my best work. It’s my intellectual property, my competitive edge.]

CV Sample #1 MS Word | CV Sample #1 PDF

CV Sample #2 MS Word | CV Sample #2 PDF

Of course if after looking at the samples and trying them out, you may still be grappling with your unique situation – 3 jobs over the last 18 months, being fired! maybe, etc – then maybe a CV sample won’t really be of help. Maybe you need my personal assistance in presenting you and your skills in a way that won’t attract negative attention. See here for my personal help.

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