My Services

My core services are as follows:

1) CV Writing, Resume Writing

Let’s be clear: your CV sometimes doesn’t matter. The market is cluttered, competitive. And very often an employer will take a referral over all the applications in the inbox or database. It’s just the truth. So, does a CV matter? How do I help? What exactly do I do?

My Professional CV Writing Services – what you need, how I help.

My clients want to be ready. Properly ready. And impressive. They want their CV to make a difference. So we take a strategic approach. We look ahead:

  • what are they applying for?
  • what needs to stand out?
  • how can we word it concisely?
  • how can we make the words ‘pack a punch’?
  • what evidence is there of excellent work and results?
  • how can we present the ‘evidence?’ with best effect?
  • what layout is best?
  • how can we make it unique and eye-catching (not just “pretty” – we want the right stuff to stand out, in the right place) And I apply my DIS RU2PT set of CV writing principles to make it really ‘kick-ass’.

I work one-on-one with you. Let’s start with a personal 10 minute call. Send me your CV (even if old and outdated), let’s discuss what you need. Let’s see if we’re good to work together. You’ll get a feel for what my approach is. Then you can decide.

PRICING: not a ‘one size fits all’ price structure. Starts at R1,200 (student/graduate level) and goes up to R4,500 (executive, full-service – including the items below). When you get in touch with me at or on phone or Whatsapp at +27 83 744 5454, I’ll send you my service details including the pricing tables.

TO ORDER: send me an email on, or a Whatsapp on +27 83 744 5454. Include any old CV you have and then I’ll be in touch. (Same for all of the below).

2) Applicant Tracking
Systems (ATS) Optimization

Warning: getting an ATS optimized CV / resume is not an exact science as some CV / resume writing companies make out. Ranking on a search engine – which is what an ATS is – is not easy. There are many factors that play into it.

Factors range from the length, formatting and layout, through to the actual text, headings, use of keywords, your location, the industries you’ve worked in, technologies or specialist methodologies you’ve used, etc. And pretty much for every application you make you’ll need to adjust your ATS CV to match the exact requirements. Not simple. Time consuming. Definitely not a “right, now you have an ATS optimised CV” situation.

Nonetheless, it is a service I offer. What I recommend is having 2 distinct CVs. One for the ‘bots’ (software scanners, search engines, ATS), the other for humans – visually more attractive, with content that appeals more to them.

PRICING: this is an add-on service to the CV Writing Service. It’s an additional R500 fee.

3) International CVs / Resumes

I have clients on every continent – except Antarctica – including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Far East and the Middle East. However it’s not accurate to think that every country has it’s own “one way” of doing things. The world is more global than ever. So what’s more important is following a set of principles. And being ready to make adjustments.

This is why I support my clients and offer to make any changes to their CV once they’re in the market and see the need for some further customization. For example, an emigration agency may require a CV to look a certain way – just because it’s what they’re used to. In that situation I’ll produce the main CV, and then an additional version per their required format.

PRICING: international CVs/resume is not written at an additional fee. Every one of my products is written with the international market in mind.

4) LinkedIn Profile Writing
and SEO Optimization

LinkedIn is big. And using it is important for you to control your presence online. It’s free (the free service is perfect for most people). Your LinkedIn profile can be just your static presence (kept up-to-date from time to time), or it can be an ‘on-steroids’ personal branding and marketing platform for you.

What I recommend is that we 1) get the basics right, and get your profile up to “All Star” status (an actual rating system used by LinkedIn to indicate the completeness and quality of your profile, and the extent of your network of connections.) However, even if you are at “All Star” status, there are definitely things to make it even better, but still, these are, I would say, “the basics” – these include using a banner, optimising for SEO, having a great headline.

And then 2) let’s discuss how you can use LinkedIn to: apply for jobs, distinguish yourself by posting content, build your list of connections strategically, and make contact with people who can really help you in your career (in a comfortable, easy, non-cringy way!)

PRICING: LinkedIn is an add-on service, built on the foundation of the CV. For a new profile to be set up for you from scratch, the current fee is R750.00. For an overhaul, it’s R500.00.

5) Cover Letter Writing

Of course I write cover letters. But I don’t advertise it as a service. I provide some examples for you to copy. As a free add-on, if you need it, I’ll write a letter for you. Once you have my sample, you can use it as a template for future letters.

PRICING: no additional charge.

6) Interview Preparation

Let’s discuss your needs. I’m happy to give you a free 15 minute coaching session (on Zoom or Google Meet) to go over any tough questions you may need help with. (As part of the CV Writing Service). If you need more than that, my fee is R500 for 30 minutes.

PRICING: 15 minute session free (1 or 2 interview questions). 30 Minute session: R500.

TO ORDER: send me an email on, or a Whatsapp on +27 83 744 5454. Include any old CV you have and then I’ll be in touch. (Same for all of the below).


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