CV Writing Service Warnings!

Beware: Professional CV Writing Ahead!

If you’re considering a professional CV writing service then here are just a few additional considerations for you to think on – I’ll call them “CV Health Warnings.”

Seriously – your CV is too important to play games with.

CV Writing Health Warning 1

A CV, no matter how good, is NOT the answer to ALL of your job hunting woes!

Other factors affecting your success in the job market are

  1. Whether there’s a demand for your skills;
  2. What methods you use to look for a job;
  3. Who ends up reading your CV;
  4. How you handle interviews;
  5. What your references say about you; etc.

So although having a strong CV is of the utmost importance, there are many other factors that have an influence on whether you get hired or not. You may pay for the service – but understand what you’re buying – it’s not a ticket to free jobs and an easy job hunt. It helps, but there are other factors that have to be taken into account too.

Hey, I’d love to say “pay me ‘X’ and I’ll guarantee you a job” – but I’d be promising you I could control the uncontrollable. The testimonials given here do NOT guarantee you’ll get the results they did. All I can do is provide the best guidance on these matters – and that I sincerely promise to do.

CV Writing Health Warning 2

Some CV Writing services work on a volume basis. They’re inexpensive but they just use a standard format and they churn them out like a sausage machine. They’re just good typists. Maybe there’s a person who has some expertise at the top who just passes the work on to a junior typist, or secretary to do the actual work. (I wish I could do that!)

But for a CV to be written properly every word needs to be carefully considered. It needs someone who understands you and what you do. The same also applies to these ‘miracle’ CV websites where all you do is enter your details and software automatically generates a CV for you.

Remember, it’s not the pretty format but the ‘intelligence’ behind it that helps you win the interviews, make a WOW! impression, and win the trust, confidence and attention of the decision makers.

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