Professional CV Writing Dubai

So, you’re in Dubai! You’re in an international ‘melting pot’! Welcome. But now you’re typing “professional CV writing Dubai” because finding work is hard. Intimidating. You need help!

Don’t worry. I’m here to help with your UAE CV format. Let’s make you popular, let’s make them want you. Lets get this sorted.

Professional CV Writing Dubai
You’re in Dubai! Wow! But now to find a job! Your CV needs to get you there!

WHAT WILL YOU FIND HERE: 1) Some tips and ideas on writing a CV for the Dubai market; 2) You’ll be able to make direct contact with me, Gerard le Roux. I offer professional CV writing Dubai, UAE, Gulf and ME region services (contact me directly on Whatsapp – +27837445454, or Skype: gerardlr, or email:

Notes on Professional CV Writing Dubai

A few things you need to know:

  1. With all manner of international brand companies in the city and general UAE and Gulf regions, you have all sorts of CV formats and styles that may be required. Each company’s Head Office may have certain requirements and standards – you should look these up on an employer’s website to uncover these. Then mix the the principles here with those requirements to write a CV that’ll work.
  2. Being the melting pot Dubai is, you have a mix of all sorts of cultures, languages, nationalities. So view yourself as a bit of an ‘international citizen’ – and as such start looking at everything through other people’s eyes! Even your CV – what can you demystify? Don’t take for granted anyone recognizes the name of your last employer, currencies, etc.
  3. A CV and a resume is essentially the same thing for purposes of this post – and to be honest the have become the same.

Professional CV Writing Dubai – Principles to Follow

So, if you’re writing your own CV, keep these things in mind. These are some common requirements that generally apply:

  1. Keep the CV to 2 pages – although don’t get fixated on it, 3 is also fine, as long as you don’t overwhelm the reader with info. Make it digestible, easy to quickly assimilate what you do, what benefit you provide, what your credibility is.
  2. Include a photo – it’s standard practice. I am increasingly in favor of it. It’s a human thing. Dubai is not as politically correct as elsewhere, like the UK.
  3. When including the name of companies / institutions you worked with in your home country, include a quick description of that company. If it’s large also add that it was stock exchange listed, that it employed 5,000 people, that is operates in 23 countries, etc. Be specific. Your reputation ‘rides’ on the back of that company’s reputation.
  4. Show where you’ve worked with a diversity of people, cultures, languages before. Highlight it.
  5. Include any international travel you’ve enjoyed – you want to come across as someone open, well travelled, embracing of international opportunities. Not as a ‘newbie’.
  6. Show you’re a ‘mover and shaker’ or a fixer, someone who is dynamic and gets great results for your company. Detail this in your CV. Less focus on “duties and responsibilities” more focus on how you made a difference.
  7. Have a list of “Key Skills” – and be careful to match these 1) with what skills you actually have! 2) with the typical job advert you’ll be applying for; and 3) use common terminology that is universally understood in your industry.
  8. Include your nationality.
  9. Include your date of birth.

Professional CV Writing Dubai – by Gerard le Roux

Now, if you find yourself going around in circles writing your own CV, don’t despair! It can be hard! Getting the words, the sentences, look and feel, and all of the above right, can be tough!

Get in touch with me – just call, or send me your existing CV (I don’t care what it looks like!), I’m at – and I’ll get in touch to help you.

Who Am I? A Professional CV Writer in Dubai?

No. I’m not based in Dubai. But I have many clients there. In fact I have clients on every continent, except Antarctica! In the Middle East I have clients in the Engineering, Oil & Gas, IT, Business Management, Marketing and Education sectors. So I’m confident I can assist you.

I’m at, or Skype: gerardlr, or call my mobile: +27 83 744 54 54, or Whatsapp me: +27 83 744 5454.


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