Sample Cover Letters

Sample Cover Letters You Can Use to Immediately Get More Attention

If you have a sample cover letter/s then it makes things easy – copy, add your own words and details – but get the basics right! Sample cover letters like the ones below will give you more oooomph!

Sample Cover Letter #1

This cover letter sample is pretty much for job applications – y’know, answering ads. But if you study it you’ll see how you can benefit from a concise, to the point approach in your letters.

Dear [name of recruiter]

Accountant Position Advertised in The Star Workplace (June 15, 2009)

“Accountant – available to organise, streamline, and get things back on track.”

My suitability is as follows:

  • NDip in Financial Accounting
  • 5 Years experience in Accounting roles
  • Strong skills in reorganising, getting up to date, and creating “order out of chaos” in an accounting department
  • Rated by KPMG external auditors in 2007 as “super organized”

Please see CV attached for further details.

Available for interviews with immediate effect.


Joan Smith
[Contact Details]

Sample Cover Letter #2

Ok this is for ‘cold approaches’. It’s not for a job application. Rather, it’s an aggressive (but completely common sense and ‘makes sense’ approach that works), bold cold approach. But it’s best used off a good base of homework – researching the company, identifying the decision maker, uncovering his problem and making a confident, well constructed offer. You can do it! Here’s the cover letter sample / example:

Dear Mr Jones

For the last while I’ve been looking out for companies I’d like to work for. And after checking out – especially your comments regarding expansion in the new financial year – perhaps there’s a match between what you’re going to need and what I have?

Quick Profile:

Offering 12+ Years Experience Managing ICT Infrastructure, Teams, Support and Service – Currently at [current employer] Achieving 100% Service Level Performance – with Performance Bonuses Awarded for the 8 Years Straight.

I’m still at [current company] but I’d like to get together to explore options with you, if you’re willing. No commitment.

Can I follow up with you on this during the next week? Will call your office.


By the way – see how some of the sentences are a little ‘clipped’. It gives a more casual feel, a more e-mail/sms feel. You don’t want to be too proper here. You don’t want to try too hard. It comes across wrong. And you never want to just send it to one single target (having only one target you want to work for puts too much stress on the whole situation and is probably an unrealistic expectation.)

Cover Letter Example #3

This one’s for regular job applications. But it’s really effective if you’re good for the job – ie your qualifications and experience is a close match for the position. This is the way to make that really stand out.

14 January 2001

Mr  Abel Modiba
Human Resource Manager
XYA Industries

Re:  Application for Bookkeeping position.

Dear Mr Modiba

I am applying for the position of BOOKKEEPER as advertised in The Star, Workplace (01.01.2009)

My qualifications match your needs very closely and I believe could be of immediate impact for you.

Your Requirements My Qualifications
3 Years Experience – bookkeeping 2 Years with Reputable Co. #1 and 2 years with Reputable Co. #2.
Matric Matric (distinction in Maths)
Advanced Pastel 2 Year Exp with Pastel, Have completed Advanced course.
etc. etc.

I would like to bring these skills to work for you.  I look forward to speaking with you soon about what results you can expect from me.

I will follow up with you on Wednesday January 20.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Jones

Cell:  083 744 5454
Ph:  011 589 9856

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