2 Magic Job Search Stories

Hi, let me tell you 2 quick – magic – little stories. And a lesson.

Stefan did it. Brent did it. Both out of work and running out of cash, they did what they knew would work to change their situation. They took a streetfighter approach. They knocked on doors. Yes. They rocked up at businesses unannounced, presented themselves as useful and asked for a job.

Both got jobs within days. Almost like magic in a tight market. Stefan’s job came with a brand new Quashqai. Brent’s job was within a 5min drive from home.

It takes guts. BUT when last did you take a streetfighter approach? Neither Stefan or Brent went to the Internet. Neither spoke to agencies. They just said to themselves: who could use someone like me? who would I like to work for? what can I offer them? And then the took immediate action.

So, when last did you make a list of businesses in your area that you’d like to work for?

And have you formulated a message to tell them?

An Example

Here’s an example:

“Hi, my name is Thabo. I’m an NDip Engineering graduate … I can calculate how much steel you need in that new bridge you’re building, I can do the CAD drawings, I can check your drawings for mistakes, I can double check your calculations, I can go on site and measure up, I can carry the tools, I can watch the sub-contractor — what would you like me to do? When can I start? Take me on for a week free. If I’m good – I will be – we can talk about pay.”

It may not work on the first try, but let me tell you this, by the time Thabo shows up for the 4th week running – well dressed, confident, willing, organized – eventually he’ll have more job offers than he knows what to do with.

OR we can sit behind our PC applying for jobs online, sending CVs into the air. But easy often doesn’t cut it and it leaves us feeling uncertain.

For this kind of ‘streetfighter’ approach I recommend a “Guerrilla” CV – it’s usually one page, it’s designed for quick, powerful impact when meeting people and for handing out to your contacts. Let me know if you’d like to know more. I specialise in writing them – I’m the only one in SA that does.

Food for Thought:

“Light the fire, don’t warm yourself by it. What you are being, the stand you take in life, creates what you’re experiencing. Not the other way around like 98% of all people think.” Werner Erhard

I’m here for you.

Gerard le Roux
CV Writer | Job Search Coach
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Ph 083 7445454

Ways I can assist you:
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