Launching into 2009

Ok, so maybe this is a personal post – but at least you know you’re dealing with a real person here – who had a fantastic December. After ‘burning out’ toward the end of 2008 was great to spend a little time getting something back … here:, and

Something interesting: never saw myself as a hotel person. But man, when you have kids like us – Zoe and Ethan, 6 and 3 – hotels with all their facilities and food laid on are cool, cool, cool!

So what are your goals for 2009? I never achieve mine. So I don’t have any. BUT … what I do have is an overall philosophy or approach that I know, if I put it to work, it’ll result in big benefits. The approach is based on 3 things:

  1. Knowing what’s really important to me – what I value most, what I really want for my family and me, what I want my business to be about, what I want for my health and wellbeing, etc – this underpins any decision making I have to make regarding what to do with my time/resources/energy.
  2. Drawing up a basic schedule of activity – booking blocks of time for things that are of real importance, whether personal – like exercise – or family – like doing something like walking in the woods every Tuesday late afternoon – or work – like writing CVs, marketing, or writing blog posts, etc.
  3. Being ruthless. “ruthless: hard hearted, showing no mercy”. I won’t always feel like doing stuff. But I know that if I don’t do ‘stuff’ I can expect a frustrating year of little or no progress. I’m excited by what I could achieve. But discipline has to keep me on track, when all hell is breaking loose.

So, that approach is nothing new, but it helps to have something in place, huh?

Please share your ideas and approaches below.


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