What Makes a Good CV?

What makes a good CV – you may have wondered about yours, right? So, do you want a kind of a ‘blueprint’? The whole job hunting and CV writing thing is so infuriating, right!? 😞

So, here, do this, step by step:

  • Check the job ad you’re applying to. Follow that script. The things that appear in the ad – they’re the priorities. They’re what needs to stand out in your CV.
  • Take note of how many years experience are required. What particular skills needed are mentioned? What technology skills are needed? What specialist knowledge is asked for?

What makes a good CV is when you align your CV with those things.

So, look at your CV. ➤ Is it aligned with the ad? ➤ Do the list of 5 or 10 requirements you see in the ad really jump out at you from your CV?

The fact is: you can have a fancy CV. You may have spent hours on it. It can be “ATS” friendly. But if you don’t immediately appear to be the 👉 exact solution 👈 the employer is looking for, it’ll be difficult to advance through the filtering process.

At the early stages of the hiring process, your CV is filtered by software. And by more junior staff. And often with a kind of ‘tick-box’ mentality. This means that unless you tick all the boxes, you’re out! You may be the best person for the job (by far)… but because you don’t have a degree, you’re out. You’re the best person for the job… but because you don’t know a certain software package (that can be learned in a few hours)… you’re out.

It’s ridiculous. But it’s the way it is 😞. Aligning your CV however is something you have control over. When you ask: “what makes a good CV”? The above is a big part of the answer.

Need help: let’s chat about the problems you’re having. Let’s get on a call for 10 minutes and I’ll give you some advice. It could be helpful. Whatsapp me on +27 83 744 5454.

CV Success… but with a warning

Just got this from a professional CV writing client:

“Gerard, all I can say is that the last 3 times my CV was done by you ,
I landed cool jobs! Thanks for all your help!”

Nice. But there’s a WARNING. Job hunting is complicated. There are so many factors that have to come together to make them choose you. A lot of it is out of your control. A great CV can do great things. But it doesn’t always. Enlist a professional CV writer, and it’ll definitely help you. But there’s more to it than just that.


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