Are You Making This CV Mistake?

It’s just happened again. A CV writing client has been merrily sending out her CV. And she’s wondering why no-one’s getting back to her.

Well I can give her one reason.

She has no contact details on her CV. Nothing. No address. No cell. No phone. No e-mail.

“But it’s on my cover letter!” Yeah, maybe. BUT here’s how it works in real life:  it’s almost certain that your cover letter and CV will get separated at an early stage of the hiring process.

And are you so hot that they’re going to scramble and search for your cover letter? Probably not. They probably have a pile of other applicant CVs just waiting to take your place.

And will anyone tell you that it’s missing? Does anyone care? Yes. Me. And maybe your mom.

There are also other reasons “Jess” isn’t getting response. That’s why she’s come to me, and I’m going to fix it.

Details of my CV writing service here.


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