A Guerrilla CV – What is it? Will it work for you?

“Guerrilla CV … what?!” you may well ask. But did you know that one of these guerrilla CVs (or resume if you prefer) could be the antidote to your lack of response in the job market. A guerrilla CV is designed to get a reaction, response.


The term dates back to 1809! It refers to “fighters” who use unconventional, surprise tactics and intimate knowledge of conditions and the terrain to overcome a bigger, more powerful foe. Popular Guerrilla style leaders include Cuban Che Guevara – maybe you have his picture on your t-shirt.

Then in the ’80’s Jay Conrad Levinson coined the term ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ for business. How businesses can successfully compete using low cost, streetwise marketing and advertising.

And so the term has now been applied to businesses and even job hunters who use unconventional, bolder, more mobile and agile methods. So a ‘guerrilla CV’ hits hard for you, is concise, smart, bold and forceful.


It’s not for everyone. Guerrilla fighters, for example, frequently adopt tactics that although effective and surprising to their enemy, are uncomfortable to carry out.

It’s their focus, determination and dedication to their cause that fires them up.

So in a job hunting situation, a Guerrilla CV approach isn’t always within the comfort zones you’re accustomed to.

But it may well be that the absence of job interviews, calls and response to your regular CV send-outs brings you to the point where you are willing to do things differently and bolder than before.

The corporate ‘establishment’ – including HR, recruiters / personnel agencies – has created an aura of control that blocks you out and often treats individuals in a less than respectful way.

It takes guerrilla tactics now to break through those barriers. Following the conventional route in the job market most often leads to frustration and delivers very poor results.

You have to decide whether your situation requires something new, a fresh approach. But a Guerrilla CV approach is especially for you if nothing else appears to be is working.


  1. Your Guerrilla CV is the only one of its kind the recruiter, your contact, HR person, line manager or employer will have seen in months!
  2. Your Guerrilla CV actually comes out and answers the questions: “What can you do for me?” And “Why should I believe you?” – something 99% of CVs never, ever do
  3. Your Guerrilla CV will be easy to read, will be only 1 page – or in rare cases 2 (max!)
  4. Your Guerrilla CV will be full of attention grabbing features, specially designed to create interest
  5. Your Guerrilla CV will present you as an immediate solution to the employer’s problems
  6. Your Guerrilla CV will provide hard evidence – VS empty ‘fluff’ / hot air – that you can deliver!
  7. Your Guerrilla CV will carry a spirit of confidence, boldness and energy. (People hire people like that.)
  8. You will feel proud to hand it out to your network
  9. Your contacts will feel proud to receive it (instead of a clunky 10 pager!)
  10. You can easily post it up on your blog, Facebook or LinkedIn page for quick download


A Guerrilla résumé or CV adds a powerful, sharp new dimension to your job search – it’s bolder, more confident; it’s smarter, fresher and more effective in getting attention and persuading; it’s designed to demand a response, to command respect and present you as an expert.

To order, contact me directly. I’ve been studying CVs and resumes for over 10 years, writing them, analysing them, figuring out what works. I can write yours. E-mail me at gerard [at] jobsearching.co.za and I’ll send you details.


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