What Certainty is There in an Uncertain Job Hunting World?

In getting into shape – enough is enough after all – and doing it this way: click here for the program I’m using (5kgs and 8cm off my waist, feeling strong, fit and pretty ooh, ah) – reminds me of a job hunting lesson that’s pretty critical to understand. Here it is:

“Nothing guarantees success” (in job hunting at least).

You can try getting 5 degrees (busy writing a CV right now for someone who has an LLB, LLM, PGDip, MComm, MBA and is now in the process of getting a PhD). But you may still have job market challenges. You can try clever tricks (which sometimes work … and sometimes don’t).  But, again, there’s no guarantee of success short term. No magic bullet, y’know:

“If you do THIS, you will succeed. Guaranteed.”

Because it’s not true with fitness for example. If you do 20 mins of push ups, squats, hill sprints and sit ups daily; and you eat more veggies and less sugar and mashed potatoes or pap and gravy, you’re pretty much 100% guaranteed to lose weight and get strong and fit.

And it’s not true with life in general. If you plan well, if you are diligent, generally things work out pretty well. With job hunting however it seems there are too many uncontrollable factors at work:

  • Ill informed recruiters. HR people with tick-box mentality
  • Line managers who want a blond
  • MD’s who have a niece for the job
  • Personal power plays, where the hirer needs a lamb, not a tiger
  • Interviewers who woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  • Personnel agents who want to see your  salary slip otherwise: “the interview’s off!” – leaving you in a weakened negotiating position.

Is there any certainty to be had?

  • Yes. It’s in the persistence. Persisting with doing the right things. Over and over and over again.
  • Yes. It’s in being willing to try new ways of doing things.
  • Yes. It’s in applying advice.
  • Yes. It’s in realising that you can get a job without the help of a recruiter, agent or job ad website.
  • And it’s sometimes realising that you have to make some personal adjustments to attitude.

It’s not a straight line. It’s an obstacle course. But if you persist you can win. Go for it. Keep at it.

Here’s something free to help you along the right job hunting roads: “12 Job Search Secrets – End your frustrating and stalled job hunt now” – just send an e-mail to 12jss@getresponse.com


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