Start Your CV with a Future-Focussed Bang

👉 MAKE YOUR CV FUTURE FOCUSSED – you want to appeal to the NEXT employer, not just dumping your past on them. You want to give them what THEY’RE looking for. Here’s 1 easier way to do this (easier than spending hours overhauling your entire CV for every job you apply for):

Start your CV with a “Summary” and tailor it to match the job advert. Here’s a job advert, followed by the kind of summary I’m recommending.

➤ Sample job ad: “Management Accountant. Opportunity for a CIMA qualified management accountant with 5 years experience in the manufacturing sector. The position is focussed strongly on materials costing, cost reductions, and reporting financial and production data to the Production Manager and Managing Director and Senior Management Team. BTech or BCom degree, Syspro skills an advantage. Boksburg area.”

➤ Here’s my recommendation (see the image below) – see how it checks the boxes in the advert? It also adds real results and statistics. All the best stuff. Right up front. It’s useful there. It’s hard to miss. It’s helpful to the reader. This is the kind of CV I try to write for my clients every day (usually a bit more modern in style, every CV is different). Hope this helps you today.

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Taking a Course? First Ask this Question.

👉 ARE YOU TAKING A COURSE? Courses are easy to take these days. Sometimes they’re free online. Others are big bucks. But here’s the real question. Will it help you in your job and career?

So ask yourself:

How will this course help me make a difference?

In other (and more) words:

➤ “When it comes to me slotting in to a company / business / organisation in a particular job – how will my taking this course, learning this ‘thing’, adding this skill – make me better at giving the employer what they want, and even more.”

The same applies to reading a book. Apply laser focus on how adding the knowledge will make you more valuable. Ask yourself obsessively, “how does this make me better at my job – what benefit does it produce in the end?”

Connect the dots between you and your knowledge and skills, and the business – it’s costs, profits, sales, revenue, reputation, market share, competitiveness, smooth running operations.

When I write my clients’ CVs and LinkedIn profiles, I’m always trying to do this. And what I notice is, is that my clients often don’t have this top of their mind to start with.


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