Warning: My CV Writing Service May Not Be for You!

It’s true.

I’ve just added this warning to my CV Writing Service details:

This is for your protection. And mine.

If you’re looking for a traditional CV – 10 pages long, a cover page with a clip-art image of two people shaking hands on it with your name in big bold type and enveloped in scrolls … if you’re looking for a CV that begins with your “Personal Details” followed by your “Secondary School Details” … a CV that has long lists of your “Duties and Responsibilities” … then let me be clear, my service is NOT for you.

However … if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone a little, if you feel it’s time to ‘push the envelope’ in your efforts to market yourself, if you’re willing to take a bolder, fresher, more to the point approach in which you distinguish yourself (in a competitive and cluttered job market, not a bad idea!); if you view yourself as a ‘business’; if you want to present yourself as a ‘business solution’ to a company (whether you’re a PA or CEO) – even though you’re employed …

… then you’re the kind of person I LOVE dealing with. You’re the reason I do what I do. And together we’ll get great results. My service very definitely IS for you.

Go to www.wowcv.net/professional-cv-writing for more. Or contact me direct on gerard [at] jobsearching.co.za


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