Make Your CV Personal – It’s a People Thing

Read this interesting piece on ( – article written mainly for the creative/design/advertising sector but …

Here’s a great observation, applicable to all:

Most people think the purpose of a resume is to get you a job. Wrong. The purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. Similarly, most people think the purpose of an interview is to get you the job. Wrong again.

The purpose of an interview is to connect with a human being (i.e. the interviewer) on a personal level and leave a remarkable impression on them (as in – worth making a remark about).

So how do you put that to work? Dunno. But it connects in a big way with so many comments I’ve heard from employers (they’re just regular PEOPLE after all, like you and me) – they don’t want just cold, hard facts. Some insight into “you” – who you are, what you stand for, what your personal approach or philosophy is.

Good to try to incorporate some of that into your CV especially. I always try to do that for my clients. But it’s always best for the applicant to do that themselves – they have to ‘defend’ it at interview level, it’s gotta be consistent with how they come across at an interview. And genuine! Not contrived.

I’ve sometimes included an “end-off” statement at the end of a CV – in inverted comments, a personal statement of some sort – something that says: “here’s what you can expect of me if you get  me on board” or “here’s something unique from my experience that will give you, the employer, something extra” or “here’s my unique sales proposition”.

Something like that. Between inverted commas text gets attention. Making it brief is also good. And centered in the middle of the page perhaps.


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