Adding a Course to Your CV? Here’s How to Make it Work For You.

👉 HAVE YOU JUST COMPLETED A NEW COURSE? Here’s how to make it work for you on your CV. Below is a comment I posted on Eddie’s LinkedIn profile where he posted that he’d completed an MS Excel VBA Programming course. He is a financial manager.

A good technique now, Eddie van Dyk, is to be able to explain how this new course / skill gained can translate into benefits in your job.

➤ What does Excel VBA programming allow you to do? Can you now produce a report faster? Can you extract financial insights better? Can you make a complicated process simpler?

➤ And how will these then lead to you serving the CFO and Exco better? Or how will the new skill help the department meet targets more easily?

On your CV, under where you list the certificate, just put a one-liner about the above. This way, whoever reads your CV gets the message that you’re always trying to make yourself more useful, more valuable. You’re not just a butt on a seat. You want to contribute and make things better.

Most people just say “Strengths: Hard-Working, Adding Value…” on their CV. No-one believes it or pays it any attention. Do it the way I describe above and it’s much more believable.


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