How to Answer: “What are Your Strengths?”

Anonymous asked this: “How do I answer the question: what are your strengths in a job interview?”

Here’s my answer:

Hi Anon. It’s just a question, answer it, don’t be scared of it. The employer is just trying to figure out why you would be a valuable person to have on the team, they want to know what benefit you’ll bring to his/her business.

“What are your strengths?” Or in other words, what are you really good at – or what could you be really good at? What in your past work or student experience did you do well?

* So, can you type at 60wpm? That’s a strength.
* Can you speak clearly, politely and diplomatically with clients? That’s a strength.
* Are you good with figures – making calculations, adding things up? Strength.
* Are you an organized person? Always keeping your desk, bag, shelves neat and tidy? Strength.
* Can you lead a team (you can tell from your school years)? Strength.

And you’ll want to remember that your strengths should translate into benefits for the business … your client skills result in happy clients who return and buy more … your being organized means the business will finish projects on time and within budget (money will be saved) … etc.

So here’s a good answer:

“I have 3 strengths, I feel. 1) I can type at 60 wpm – so I get admin work and correspondence done really fast and accurately, sometimes I get up at 5am just to practice my skills, to stay sharp. 2) I speak English clearly and well. So on the phone and when interacting with clients, I give a good first impression. They enjoy speaking to me. And 3) I’m very organized – so my desk it always neat, I’m up-to-date with work and I get things done when they should be done.”

Hope this helps!

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