Are You a Graduate/Student Looking for an Internship or a First Job?

Got an question via Facebook today:

I need your advice. Am looking for practical work experience to graduate and I have been asking companies for such an opportunity in their company, mostly I email and call but I either dont get a respose or they can not assit me. What advice would you give me to get a better my chances?

Here was my answer … as you know it won’t involve sitting and waiting and hoping that someone either cares or will answer. It’ involves taking the bull by the horns and swinging it around a bit. THEN one can expect response. Only THEN.

Hi Rachel – start working for them (your targeted employers) right now. You may say “what?!”

Yes, research 5 companies that operate within your industry of interest. Research them thoroughly, use their website. Discover what they’re working on that you can contribute towards in line with what your qualification is. Here are some examples:

Engineer – draw up a set of calculations for that bridge the co. is building and present it to them;

Sales – search the net and provide them with a list of key decision makers in their industry of interest;

Marketing – draw up a new marketing, advertising and communications plan for that new product they’re launching;

Graphic Designer – rework their logo that seems outdated and old;

Customer Service – draw up a customer survey that will help them get to grips with what their customers are saying about them;

Administration – draw up a presentation on efficiency in the office and any new methods/technology you discovered during your studies.

When you start working for them before they even know you like this, what does it tell them? You’re committed. You’re useful. You have initiative, you’re a go-getter. AND you approach them with something of value instead of as a beggar, as one of many.

Now, the only thing is this: do you have the hunger & desire to do this?