Just Launched: “6 Job Market Attack Strategies”

To all job hunters and their supportive friends …

Just launched:

6 Job Market Attack Strategies
-Job Search Coaching & FREE Support Group

Here’s what it’s all about.

Many job hunters feel helpless, stuck, frustrated. They seem to be bashing their head against a brick wall. And yet they’re not sure what to do differently. So they keep doing the same things and getting the same demoralizing results.

But now, with 6 Attack Strategies …

• You’ll have practical, fresh ideas to reignite your job search – from South Africa’s only Guerrilla Job Search Coach. These 6 strategies are designed to help you get back on the attack, to give you an organized, fresh, bold and smart, guerrilla-type approach.
• It includes coaching – you’ll have definite, clear instructions and follow up from me. No more wondering “what can I do differently?” or “am I doing this right?”. You’ll know.

And also – this is critical – you’ll have …

• Support. Within the LinkedIn.com based members only support group, you’ll be part of a crowd of supportive friends – anonymously if you like – who are facing the same challenges as you. You’ll be able to share ideas and discuss job search methods that work, with people who care and can really help.

Here’s what’s you’ll get and discover …

1) The 6 Attack Strategies Guidebook, with instructions and examples. You just want a job. And you want it fast. These strategies are what will take you from helpless to ‘on the attack’. With them, overnight, you’ll be distinguishing yourself, standing out. From ‘no response’ to more job interviews, more job offers, more often. Guaranteed*.

Here’s a quick look inside:

a. Strategy #1 explains a simple principle of business and marketing that you can turn to your advantage. And the incredible thing is this: 99% of other job hunters have no clue what it is, they don’t use it. Once you do, you’ll immediately see better results. I guide you through it, and I give you 12 examples you can follow.
b. Strategy #2 will help you transform your CV into an attention demanding tool. And get this: you don’t have to sit for hours fiddling with your CV to use it. It’s my 100% original creation, it’s persuasive, it’ll distinguish you, it’ll twist employers’ arms into inviting you in for interviews (yes, even if your current CV is boring and ‘average’.)
c. Strategy #3 is a unique tool you can use in an interview. It’s something (I’m not telling you what yet) you can hand to your interviewer after an interview that will stop the interviewer dead in their tracks. In a good way! Suddenly you’ll stand out, they’ll now view you as a superior candidate. It’s totally professional and you’ll feel proud using it.
d. Strategy #4 is a tool for networking. Networking is awkward – and yet it has massive power to help you find your next job. Is there an easy tool you can use? Is there an easy way? YES! Again, this strategy is nothing you’ve seen before. I’ve developed the idea from scratch to help you connect with people get them working to find work for you.
e. Strategy #5 talks you through the kind of cover letter you need – again, this will not be like any other cover letter you’ve seen. It’s created to make an impact and hit all the right notes in 3 seconds or less. You’ll have a detailed example and template.
f. Strategy #6 addresses how to find employers. Most job hunters get stuck using job websites, job ads in newspapers and agencies (often rude!) etc. to find their next employer. Only, these approaches often don’t work very well!
So what else can be done??!! I’ll introduce you to 4 simple but effective strategies to reach employers. And they’ll be easy to do for you.

Then there’s …

2) 6 Attack Strategies Coaching. Via e-mail you will be prompted to take action. You will be pushed, guided, encouraged. I’ll be a constant presence, providing fresh ideas and the spark you need. I want you to try some new things, I’ll support you in it.

And …

3) The Support Group. Having positive support makes all the difference in both your mindset AND in giving you the practical help you need. You’ll be able to ask questions and have them answered. Job hunting can be demoralizing. You need support and advice. You’ll get it here.

I’m not going to overwhelm you with information. The technology is easy. All you’ll need is e-mail and Internet access and a free LinkedIn.com account to join the support group.

What you need is a fast solution. You don’t need a 300 page book. You need easy to read, quick, easy to apply lessons. You need expert guidance. And you need these strategies to start working for you immediately (or tomorrow at the latest!).

Most people market themselves in a haphazard, weak, ill informed fashion. That doesn’t have to be you. There are more powerful ways to do things. One person on the program tried just one idea, and guess what? Within a day they had an interview. Within a week they had the job.

For the last 12 years I’ve been in the newspapers (The Star, Cape Argus, Pretoria News, Business Day, etc), on radio (Cape Talk, 702, SAfm, KayaFM, Radio2000, etc), I’ve been a guest speaker at UCT GSB, I’ve been writing my free weekly e-column (Job Search Success) and I’ve written a few books and been a contributing author to “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0” by David E Perry and Jay Conrad Levinson.

All of this has been to help job hunters be smarter in their search, all to help them get more job options, more often and faster.

That’s what you’ll get with 6 Attack Strategies, guaranteed*. Yes, “guaranteed*”.

* If you’re not blown away by what you get, or if you don’t get better job hunting results, you get your money back. No questions.

Now, pricing is next. And I have some exciting news.

Pricing and Application

The investment is a once off R750.00.

(You can pay in smaller installments – contact me directly about that.)

But for DECEMBER 2012 only, I’m holding an inaugural “BOOT-CAMP BETA” version of “6 Job Market Attack Strategies”. And because it’s the first time, it’s bound to be a little rough around the edges, so … for that I’m discounting it heavily, down to just R375.00 from today.

Who is this “BOOT-CAMP BETA” for? It’s for you IF you’d like to use the first few weeks of December focusing intensely on getting your job search revamped, re-organized, re-invigorated. There’ll be 11 lessons – each with practical assignments. Each assignment will take a little time to complete and will require quality attention (but it’s certainly not a full time thing. For some it’ll only take a few minutes.)

BUT it’s also for you if you just want the lower price – you can always tackle the course content later, there’s no time limit.

Is this the answer to all your career problems? No. The job market and life are complicated. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. But other times all we need is the spark of an idea which goes on to ignite a wildfire of success. I’m hoping this will be that for you.

“AND THAT’S NOT ALL” – in addition to benefitting from this program, I’m also going to be giving you access to the Career & Success INNER CIRCLE – a member’s only website which includes in its library inspiring books, articles, videos such as “Think & Grow Rich” and 2 coaching programmes to help you set and achieve more in your life and career.


* If you’re not blown away by what you get, or if you don’t get better job hunting results, you get your money back. No questions.

So, get on the 6 Job Market Attack Strategies, Job Search Coaching & FREE Support Group “BOOT CAMP BETA” now.


There are 2 steps to your application:

1) Payment (via direct deposit or EFT): ● A/C Holder: G le Roux ● Bank: Standard Bank
● A/C Number: 072 591 498 ● Branch: Claremont, Cape Town: 025109

Send proof of payment via SMS (083 744 5454), or e-mail (gerard@jobsearching.co.za) or fax to 086 6512 455)

2) Then send/e-mail me your details: ● Your name, e-mail address & phone number.

[As soon as I have confirmation of payment and your details, I’ll register you and you’ll receive instructions. Mostly this will happen immediately. If you’re uncertain about anything, call me directly, I’m on 083 744 5454.