Professional CV Writing

Is your CV or resume what’s holding you back?

Professional CV writing could help you. CV  or “resume” writing – doing it yourself – can be a pain. You may not get it right. And it may cost you job interviews. The very thing you need. I can give you personal help, using my experience as a copywriter, job search coach, and corporate recruiter. I’m  here to help.

If you need personal CV/ Resume / profile help – urgently – contact me directly. I’ll take your call myself, I’ll answer your questions. I’m on +27 83 744 5454 or I don’t care what time it is. It’s important.

(NEW: see my new “Budget” done-for-you CV writing service below.)

The Secret No-one Ever Tells You About Your CV

No-one will EVER tell you! Agents especially will often rather leave you to sweat blood in your job hunt … instead of telling you: “Hey, do something about your CV. It’s your first impression. Here’s what to do, here’s how.”

It’s not because they’re bad. They often just don’t know how to help and don’t have time. So they say nothing.

But the truth is: your CV is likely holding you back.

Your CV may look like a million others. You may look average. You may even look long winded and ‘past your sell-by date.‘  So you get little or no response. You’re just not making an impact.

This, when in fact, your CV could be getting “WOWs.” Sending a razor sharp message. Shining the light on the “brilliant YOU” (you are brilliant, you are unique – we’ll figure out how/why together and then we’ll put it on show in your CV).

Your CV has one job:

 … it should be landing you more interviews, more job offers, more often.

Which of These 7 CV Points
Do You Say “That’s Me” To?

  • Your CV is outdated, it’s stale, you’re not proud to send it out.
  • You just want personal, specialist CV help. You have better things to do.
  • You’re too busy for the agony of writing it yourself?
  • You have a unique situation requiring a more innovative approach?
  • You’re just not getting your message across with a ‘cookie-cutter’, ‘typical’, ‘average’, ‘template’ type CV approach?
  • You’re having trouble putting your ‘brilliance’ into words.
  • You need to discuss your CV with a specialist, someone who’s done their “10 000” hours – or maybe “20 000” in career and CV matters.

If you need help, I’m here for you. I’ve done 20 000 hours writing CVs and recruiting people for major corporations. I analyse every word of your CV. I write every word. And I’ve been doing it for 10 years, since 2002.

If it’s urgent, call or e-mail me now: Ph +27 0 83 744 5454  (mobile) or –  I’ll be happy to take your call any time.]

(Our first step in engaging is a quick personal discussion about your CV and how I can make a difference.)

Professional CV Writing:
This is How I Can Help

You need more job interviews and more job offers. You just want it to happen, you NEED it to happen. Fast. But what are you doing differently to get that different result? Are you willing to be bolder?

Having your CV writing and online presence done by a professional often is a great help. You cut a lot of the frustration out. And you end up with a more professional document that gets better, quicker results for you.

The thing is, your current Curriculum Vitae or CV is probably boring :-(. It’s not giving you the promotional ‘punch’ you deserve. And you’re not alone. The fact is … most CVs are boring.

But really … your CV and online profile is your first impression. It can be a powerful, hard-hitting document that bashes down doors of opportunity for you. Or it can make you look really average – perhaps with a long, drawn out job hunt the direct result.

Here’s why my professional Premium CV writing service may be a good choice for you:

I write Curriculum Vitae’s for Managing Directors, Professionals, CEO’s, and Engineers from all sorts of backgrounds – so I’m confident I can help you too. Here’s a quick look at my profile:

  • I have a background in corporate recruiting (for Old Mutual, Shell, Caltex, Deloitte and more), am a student of advertising copywriting and sales (these are critical skills in the CV writing process.)
  • My job hunting and CV advice has been published on Career Junction, PNet, and IOL. And in Financial Mail, Business Day, The Star Workplace, The Argus Job Shop and I’ve been interviewed on SAfm, 702 Talk Radio and 567 Cape Talk, and Radio 2000.
  • I make a living writing CVs that sell. I don’t delegate the work. I don’t use a one size-fits-all template. I work with you personally to get your CV just right (ie give you the competitive edge, make you look really good, help you make an impact with employers, and ultimately get the job.) Read testimonials to the right here ==>>
  • And I guarantee my work: I will work on your CV until it gets results for you. And if after 6 weeks of using your new CV there’s no significant increase in job interviews (unlikely!) let’s discuss, I’ll support you, I’ll do whatever I can to assist.

This may not be for you.

This is for your protection. And mine:

  • If you’re looking for something old school,
  • with your name in big bold type and in scrolls,
  • that begins with your “Personal Details,”
  • followed by your “Secondary School Details,”
  • a CV that has long lists of your “Responsibilities”

… then my service may NOT be right for you.

However …

  • if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone,
  • if you feel it’s time to ‘push the envelope’ in your efforts to market yourself,
  • if you’re willing to take a bolder, fresher, more to the point approach in which you distinguish yourself (in a competitive and cluttered job market, not a bad idea!);
  • if you view yourself as a ‘business’; if you want to present yourself as a ‘business solution’ to a company (whether you’re a PA or CEO) – even though you’re employed

… then you’re the kind of person I enjoy dealing with. You’re the reason I do what I do. And together we’ll get great results. My service IS for you.

Expert Curriculum Vitae / Resume Writing-Service Details

Here’s what you’ll get when you enlist me to write your CV as part of my Premium Professional CV Writing Service:

  • My service offers you a strategic CV – where we go deeply into your background, skills and achievements in order to present the very best information to help take your career forward.
  • I’ll sort through pages and pages of your past experience, reference letters, testimonials, job descriptions, personality profiles and performance appraisals and deciding what could be used to make a big impression in your CV.
  • I’ll distill all that information into 2 or 3 power packed pages that represent the best of you – the content most likely to get favorable attention and response.
  • And if you request it, I’ll do a review of your online presence – for eg. revamping your LinkedIn profile, or setting up your own dedicated web page, showcasing who you are and what you stand for.

Key features include:

  • An analysis of performance appraisals and personality or psychological profiles – with a view to including information that adds credibility to your profile.
  • Every word on the page is carefully considered and every sentence re-written to simplify and ensure a ‘punchy’ easily scanable read that makes an impact.
  • In addition to that, I’ll identify any negative situations in your career and with you decide on a strategy to minimize the possible damage in perception these situations can create if not handled with care.
  • We’ll also delve a little into what surrounds your professional life – your interests and personal achievements – these can often provide a freshness and interest to a sometimes dry document.
  • Something else I spend a lot of time on is to come up with a clear, powerful value statement. This kind of statement provides a short, sharp, effective insight into your skill and value and importantly the benefit you provide. It conveys focus and clarity of thought on your part to a reader.
  • I do background research, for example into companies you’ve worked for (who’s trusted you before?), or companies you want to work for (what do they value most?) and of course into technical terminology (to keep it simple).
  • A key consideration is to be concise and to the point. This requires extensive work on my end to be brief but to still convey depth of experience and value.
  • You also have access to me to help guide you in your job hunt – regarding cover letters (I’ll edit yours or even write it), what works in the job market, how to answer tough interview questions, what to expect and how to deal with the many challenges the market presents.

Professional CV / Resume Options

I don’t offer a cheap service here – there are enough other services where they kinda rehash, tidy up and reformat your existing CV, perhaps with a few new features (and there’s a real need for this kind of service). On the other hand I work with people who are more serious about their careers and who want the best help available. My clients are looking for a more strategic approach, something more international, more concise and punchy, branded and visual. They want their value to really stand out, instead of just long lists of “Duties” and “Achievements”. They want innovative. Bold.

Option 1: The Wow!CV BUDGET CV

Right, stop! “Budget” doesn’t mean what it usually means, y’know, second-rate, average, ineffective. You still get a great, modern product suitable for the international market – it’s sharp, concise, clear, well organised, better than any other applicant competing for the same job you are – okay?

BUT… sometimes my clients just can’t afford my premium service, where I work on the CV personally, write every word and design it uniquely top-to bottom myself. It doesn’t mean I’m not involved in this “Budget” option CV. No, I set the standard, I oversee the work, I review it, I am constantly looking for new ideas to make it more compelling, more persuasive and … wow!… but without me having to be at my keyboard writing it start to finish. I have a team who follow my strict guidelines.

[Email me to request my pricing details. I’m on Or you can Whatsapp or call me on +27 83 744 5454.]

Option 2.Local – PREMIUM CV (ZA):

This is if you are a South African, although you may be based elsewhere.

With the Premium option you only deal with me. I write every word, I design your CV uniquely and apply every trick in the book to create something special. You benefit from my study of copywriting, my sales experience, my constant analysis of CV and career related literature and new innovations in the field of presenting information.

[Email me to request my pricing details. I’m on Or you can Whatsapp or call me on +27 83 744 5454.]

Option 2.International – The PREMIUM CV (Intl.):

This is if you are a non-South African client from, for example, the USA, UK, Middle East, Australia, Africa, India or the Far East, etc. (Note: I have clients worldwide, as mentioned, on every continent except Antarctica.)

With this option you only deal with me. I write every word, I design your CV uniquely and apply every trick in the book to create something special. You benefit from my study of copywriting, my sales experience, my constant analysis of CV and career related literature and new innovations in the field of presenting information.

[Email me to request my pricing details. I’m on Or you can Whatsapp or call me on +27 83 744 5454.]

Option 2.Executive PREMIUM CV

This service is reserved for clients who require a full suite of services, dealing with me personally, whether located locally or internationally.

Order Your New CV Here

Follow these instructions: Simply send an e-mail to me at

And in the e-mail please supply the following:

  1. Your name and contact details (phone/email/mobile).
  2. Please attach your old CV so I have some background info.
  3. Indicate your current position and company if applicable.
  4. Please also state the kind of job titles you’re going to be applying for.

Then wait for my contact – I try to be quick.

Please note that due to high demand I cannot offer a same-day service. When I make contact we will discuss your time constraints and I’ll discuss timing and turnaround. Currently delivery is running at around 7-10 working days – please discuss your needs with me, there are times it can take longer (or shorter).

Contact me now as per instructions above – or read on to get a deeper insight into what makes a great CV.

Writing Your Own CV is a Tough Job

You’ve probably spent many hours on it. Somehow, writing your CV (and getting it right) is just one of those really awkward, difficult things to do. You agonise over the details:

  • “What do I include?” “What do I exclude?” “Is it too long or too short?”
  • “How can I convey my true value as a person?”
  • “What’s the right format?”
  • “How can I sell myself without sounding arrogant?”

Or you may just be saying, “I don’t have time for this!!”

It can be confusing and time consuming.

Mike is perhaps a typical example:

He decided to find a new job. So he made a few calls in answer to adverts and all he heard was “send your CV”. In a hurry he sat down in his lunch break to quickly update his CV – and he got stuck! He seemed to go around in circles – not knowing quite how to phrase things, or how to present himself so he would stand out. He ended up shelving it. And 3 months down the line, it was the same all over again.

Like Mike, many get stuck trying to deal with stuff like this:

  • They’ve got a lot of diverse experience/expertise and if they include it all their CV will go to something like 10 pages or more. Or they may be totally new to the job market.
  • They’ve had 3 jobs in the last 2 years.
  • They’ve had 40 years work experience.
  • They’re changing career and need to break into a new field.

Getting it right is complicated! Frustrating. Difficult. And you can add the problems of getting the word processing, spelling, and grammar right. Also the understanding of how a Curriculum Vitae gets read and the psychology of the reader.

So sometimes it’s the best choice to get professional help. It can be a turning point in your search for a better job. Your CV can literally bash down doors of opportunity OR just get you lost in the crowd.

CV Writing Benefits I Promise to Help You Get

  • Your CV will be concise, clear – not cluttered with too much information.
  • Your CV will sell you as a ‘brand’ – someone who delivers a specific benefit.
  • Your CV will be ‘different’ – more professional and crafted to grab attention.
  • Your CV will reflect a little of who you are – why you’re special.
  • Your CV will be easy to read, easy to scan and after just half a page the reader will know what you can deliver and why you’re a great candidate.
  • Your CV will smooth the way for better more focussed interviews. Yes, here’s a often forgotten fact: all the way through the hiring process your CV paves the way before you. It sets the tone. It can mean the difference between being treated positively and being treated as “just another candidate.”

Ok. That’s it. See the ordering instructions above to take it further or just contact me directly:

Professional CV Writing WARNINGS!
If you’re considering a professional CV writing service then here are just a few additional considerations for you to think on – I’ll call them “CV Health Warnings.”

CV Writing Testimonials
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CV Writing Tests
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