CV Success Tests

Will Your CV Succeed? Test it Here.

When you send your CV out into the world – will to do the work it must? Will it get attention? Will it convey your marketing message? Or will it just get dumped like so many other CV’s will?

Here are a couple of tests to help you get some sort of insight into the effectiveness of your CV. Please don’t take the tests as “gospel” – y’know – written in stone. Just use the principles. Every person is unique. There’s no “one way” to write your CV for success. But applying the CV success principles here will get you far.

CV Success Test#1 – 20 Questions
A 20 question test with valuable additional insights on why each question is important, how it can make a difference and how you can apply the principle. But also it’ll give you a great idea of where your CV may be falling short. Or not!

CV Success Test#2 – 5 Steps (or 4 W’s and 1 H)
Test whether your CV is built on strong foundations – this is a quick test analysing 4 key areas that measure whether your CV is gonna make an immediate impact – or not (aaaargh!).

The “Guerrilla CV” – See What’s Possible Here
As a Contributing Author to Amazon’s best selling job search book “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters” (by Jay Conrad Levinson and David Perry), I can tell you that 99% of CVs I see have no edge, no hitting power. You can’t afford to let that continue. Click the link above to see what the Guerrilla Marketing guys offer you.

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