Who Am I to Write An Oil & Gas CV?

Who am I? I’m a former welder. Yes.

For 8 years I worked as a welder for a non-profit back in my 20’s. The environment was construction. The place was Africa. I worked in repairing heavy equipment, welding front end loader buckets, welding aluminium vehicle engine sump covers that had been bashed to pieces on a rock on site.

Part-time I operated a crane as well.

I worked underground putting in a water pipeline and a steam pipeline. I learned to weld stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, copper. I welded right side up and up side down – I have the burn scars on my ankles and top of my head to prove it (welders will know what I’m talking about). I used oxy-acetylene and lazer cutting equipment, angle grinders, I got metal in the eye that had to be poked out with a needle by the doc (it was before safety became a big thing).

And I stuck my finger in a massive metal press to position a piece of metal and the hydraulic clamp came down and pressed my finger paper thin (after which my colleagues in the machine shop put my finger in the vice of the milling machine, put a drill bit in it and tried to drill a hole through my nail. True story).

So, here’s the point. I know a little about the oil & gas, in-the-trenches environment. The technical stuff. The dirt. The safety (okay, not so much!). The grind. Working in the trenches with plumbers, electricians and civil construction all around. Mechanical engineers, foremen, multi-cultured teams, etc.

This kind of background helps me help you write a better CV. I’m not some office-jockey.

As a result I’ve invented the “R-i-G” CV. It’s actually not rocket science! But it helps technical people transform their CV from just the boring technical facts and lists of courses and technical functions to being a document that distinguishes them, and lands them more job offers, fast.