New: Coaching Programme for Job Hunters – Your Ideas on the Name Please?

Your thoughts please: almost done setting up a new job search coaching programme. So, is “Bash-Down-Door Coaching for Job Hunters” a good name? Other ideas?

The programme is a simplified presentation of of my book “Job Search FAST TRACK – DYNAMITE for Job Hunters” which is too long and overwhelming. It has 6 main modules, each quick, easy to apply and will give job hunters ‘bash-down-door’ power in the job market (that will have employer’s utterly “wowed”.)

It features:
1) 6 hard-core innovative tools that will help job hunters get more job interviews, more job offers, more often. Guaranteed. (You won’t have seen these anywhere before.)

2) A free add-on support group where job hunters can get support with their 6 tools and get ongoing encouragement from fellow job hunters and from me. Hey, job hunting is hard!

3) The option of dedicated personal help from me.

I’ll be adding a “career direction” coaching programme next.

But for now: “Bash-Down-Door Coaching” – good name?