[Warning! Yes, these testimonials are meant to persuade you. But the truth is everyone is unique. We have our own ‘journey’s’ to travel. And best results come from working hard, working smart. My CV writing etc. can help, it’s helped all these people and many more, but I can’t guarantee it’ll do the same for you. There are many factors involved in getting a job offer.]

LinkedIn.com Testimonials

Other Sample Testimonials (all unsolicited)

Hi Gerard, I put my CV out two weeks ago and started my new job – as National GM within the [JSE listed group]– this morning!…All concerned were very impressed with my CV lay-out, presentation and content. Thank you so much for your help. It really got their attention. I have told other colleagues about your CV service.
-AD, (General Manager)

Dear Gerard, I hope you are well. Not sure you remember but you did my CV for me last year some time. I just wanted to thank you because ever since applying with your CV in the same country (London) as I was applying to before, i have received such a positive response from a lot of employees and I know it can only be thanks to the CV! Thanks again, Regards.
-MC (Marketing & Communications)

Gerard, I’d like to thank for the outstanding job you have done constructing my CV and updating my LinkedIn, not only it accurately reflected my skills and experience but it also boosted me confidence in myself to seek new opportunity and go sell myself. What a small investment for great rerun. Thank you.
-TM Director: Global Business Development, Intel Corp (USA)

Dear Gerard,I just wanted to email and say I have had 4 interview offers since you helped me last month. THANK YOU! I was a bit hesitant at first, as one always is with this type of thing, but am very very grateful now for your help and guidance! Especially with the cover letter models… Those were a life saver. Thank you again!
-ES (Public Health Researcher, USA)

Gerard, I am dumb struck and lost for words…..! Is that MY cv? No wait – I do have something to say: I am thankful I found you! Thank you so, so much. I now need to STUDY your “How to find a new job” and “Job Hunting Success and Survival” documents. I can already see what I did wrong in the past. Yoh, I am so thankful for your help.
-ML (Top Executive PA)

Hi Gerard, I am emailing you to inform you that I go a new job at [JSE listed food co.]… They were so impressed by my Cv. Having FMCG experience was beneficial but they opted to choose me amongst the other candidates who had that particular experience. I am happy that I did the right decision and asked for your help. Look at me know,I have scored my self an amazing opportunity to enter to the FMCG industry. Thanks you for all your help and don’t stop sending your guides as well.Its been long since I received one.
-MM (Supply Chain, Customer Service)

Hi Gerard, Let me take this opportunity to thank you for adding value in my career ,through your assistance in re-arranging my CV I’ve been promoted from level T9 to T12 (see email below from HR Practitioner).
-TS (Public Service)

It is the most impressive looking cv I’ve ever seen. If somebody applied at our company using such a cv, he would 90% be guaranteed a job. The other 10% is to interview person. My jaw dropped looking at the cv. I admired the way it structured and written. I was impressed beyond expectation! For that I thank you. You set out and exceeded my expectations of a cv, in fact you changed the way I look at a cv now. Gerhard, thank you. Paying your fee was an investment in my future. Keep up the great work.
-JM (Retail Manager)

Hi Gerard, WOW!!!! No wonder you are called WOWCV, because everything you do is WOW. What can I say, this looks really wonderful. Thank you so much for all your assistance, your service is really outstanding.I now need to learn to drive this tool. Perused the jobs this morning and that was really interesting. Thanks so much for such a professional service.
-CB (Financial Manager)

Gerard, I got the job! I heard today. They said my CV stood out and was unique. Thank you. I’ve referred 2 other people to you.
-CB (Recent Graduate)

On Monday 28 January I sent out 6 CV’s. That afternoon the CEO of a company phoned me inviting me to an interview on Wednesday 30 January. Wednesday I walked into the Boardroom and was interviewed by the Holding Company’s Executive Committee for a completely different position. I applied for a position through a Personnel Agency and this position they interviewed me for was for a much more exciting position that I originally applied for!!! Friday evening 1 February at 7 o’ clock the CEO phoned me and said that I have the job, they do not want to interview anybody else and “THAT I SOLD MYSELF VERY WELL”. I was so excited that I nearly took out an entrance boom to the Menlyn Shopping Center! [With my new] CV bringing me that exciting job in less than a week. Thank you Gerard. Your approach works, and works very well.
-WB (General Manager)

Wow, Gerard! This is awesome, thank-you so much. It is way beyond what I expected. Thank-you for taking the time to work on it and for presenting me with what I am convinced is a great tool in my job search.
-NY (Group Marketing Manager, JSE Listed)

From my side since the last time we have spoken things have been going well and I have definitely got the rewards of the awesome CV. In a space of a year and half i have moved from 240k to 431k. I just want to pass my appreciation to you and the good work you do in assisting me and other people in getting the deserved employment positions. I have and will continue to recommend people to you as I am proof that the CVs that you complie definitely do work.
-MD (Financial & Credit Analyst)

Good Afternoon, I trust this email finds you well. Wow I’m actually lost with words on how to describe my excitement when I read this CV. I never thought/ imagine it will be like this. Thanks you.
-VM (SHEQ Professional)

I found a job within a month or so after i started using my new CV!!! I have since recommended a lot of people to you, and i really hope you will be able to help them, the way you helped me. Thank you so so much!! I am very happy and cannot thank you enough! Many thanks and good luck for the future. I will send as many people to you as possible!!
-JB (Sales)

Good News! Signing an offer received with an international company today (within my field as well)…the right one finally came along and I think without your help it would have taken longer. So thanks buddy, absolutely worth it!
-AO (Supply Chain Exec.)

So I’m happy to tell you that from the time that you revamped my CV I received 4 interviews and of those 4 I was offered a PR assistant position and I was able to intern and Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Joburg (I have for to add to my CV now J). Now obviously I didn’t just sit back, I did actually get on the phone and talk to people and went out there but my CV was a huge reinforcement of who I am, where I want to go and how I can value to an employer. So I wanted to say Thank You, thank you for helping me, being there for me and doing what you did for my CV. I know that we’ll be working again together in the future.
-TM (Recent Graduate)

“Dear Gerard, You trully are special! This has far exceded my expectations, to prove it I have a interview scheduled this afternoon from a agency who called me back 5 minutes after sending it off with a covering letter.”
-Ravil R, Supply Chain Specialist

“Hi Gerard, when the relevant HR departments got my CV I eventually ended up having two interviews on the same day for two separate jobs at the same company. I always said that all I need was an interview to get the job and your CV made that possible. I will refer to you as the CV whisperer from now on. Thank you for the effort you put in.”
-Chris P, Marketing Manager

“Good day Gerard, A bit of feedback … this email serves to thank you for your help, as I have been successful in the first job application that I made. I don’t think I would have stood a chance of being short listed if it wasn’t for your creative genius in laying out my CV. I have recommended many friends to make use of your services. All the best and many thanks.”
-NC, Durban

“Gerard. A month ago you wrote my CV. Up to then I’d sent out more than 1500 CVs and got 6 responses. I sent out my new CV 16 times, got 6 responses, and was offered a great Senior Management job which I’ve accepted. Thanks. You did a great job.”
– Mike V, BSc MBA, Engineering Project Manager

“Dear Gerard – You drafted my CV – rather you created my “value-add profile”. Since replacing the old CV with your masterpiece I did indeed get many more reactions. I have finally landed a job and I know your CV got my foot in the door. The job is the Senior Legal Advisor for a large Medical Insurance company and the package is higher than I ever expected where I had R500K in mind – I was offered R750K per annum. I cannot thank you enough!”
– Angie B, Attorney

“I just wanted to let you know that I have managed to get myself a new job! As a Key Account Manager at the end of this month! I’d just like to say a special thanks to you.”
– Helen, Key Account Manager

“I wanted to drop you a note the say thanks, for not just getting an interview recently, but immediately getting a new job which I start on 1 Sept. So I’ve been bragging around the office about my fantastic CV which landed me this new job and of course I have 3 colleagues who will be in touch with you shortly. I’ve done nothing but sing yr praises as I believe that you most certainly had something to do with my good fortune.”
– Julie B, Project Manager

“The first comment I had in my interview was that I had a very impressive CV, I think the interview was just to check me out, they had made up their minds already who they wanted for the job!”
– Karin, Admin Manager

“Thank you, thank you for the best new year’s present ever. Now I have two more interviews lined up for this month, but the difference is that I’m in the driver’s seat. I have referred some of my colleagues to you, the results that I got from the CV that you drafted were excellent and within 3 days I got results- my first interview, within 6 weeks – a new job. Keep up the good work – the results are definitely guaranteed when using your service.”
– Ingrid C, General Manager

“When I sent my CV I went straight onto the shortlist. And after only 1 interview I was offered the job! I really believe that the CV made me more positive and impressed the employer by being so clear and selling me”
– Kirishnee N, Financial Manager

“Within a day of sending it out I was contacted for a higher position than what I was actually looking for. I will be lined up for an interview next week. Thanks to you I am now more marketable and have a very high hit rate. I was amazed at the quick response I received.”
– James, IT Engineer

“Hi there – Just briefly to let you know that I am having a fantastic response after making use of your advise and writing my CV! Many thanks for assisting me with getting my confidence up to speed and my focus in place as to tackling the job/contract hunt. Thank you!”
– Sarah, Business Analyst

“I referred a friend to you some time ago. He’s now got this “dream job” at Toyota in and has already been made 2 other offers. He has attributed most, if not all of his success with regard to the offers and interest shown in him by prospective employers to YOU! And now I want you to help me in the same way.”
– Errol, OHS Specialist

“Gerard – I just wanted to thank you sincerely for an awesome CV. It was one of the tools that helped me get a dream job with an obscene salary in the elusive software development field. I have resigned and are in transit between my previous employer and the new one and thought I need to give credit were credit is due. I received numerous complements from recruiters and organisations in the search period. I pitched very high i.t.o. position, salary and international relevance and we competed against people from here and first world countries. Thanks for your help, you made me look good.”
– David, IT Manager

“Thanks for all the help. The CV is brilliant! I am very happy.”
– Andrew, Clinical Psychologist

“Dear Gerard – Thanks for the CV you drafted for me last month. I just wanted to let you know I submitted it to one company last week (the first and only application, a networking intro, not an advertised job) and went to an interview this morning where I was offered a position at the interview.”
-Shelli, Sales Manager

“Hi Gerard, I received the draft CV and it looks fantastic. I couldn’t beleive it was about me. I don’t beleive it needs anything else done to it. Thanks a lot. I will recommend you to many others.”
-Sumaya, Attorney

“Hi Gerard, Thanks for your help, I send my C.V out the day after receiving it from you. Within two days I had four interviews lined up and I’m glad to report I got three offers. I picked my favourite and I’m starting at Console glass on Monday. Its a great offer and more than I was expecting. Thanks for your help once again”
-Lloyd, Engineer

“Hi Gerard, Well I put it to the test. A prospective client, I have never met, requested a CV from me 2 days ago and after sending your composition to them they called me back within an hour and arranged a meeting. At the meeting they mentioned that it was the power of the CV that did it. One Page! I am amazed. Wow, it really worked. It was the first company I sent it to. Thanks. I really appreciate your input. Money well spent.”
-Francois, TV Editor