“Do you feel like just another insect on the windscreen of job hunting life?”

Yeah, one can feel pretty lousy in a job hunt. Maybe you’re getting no response week after week. And hey, let’s be honest, it could be nothing to do with you. Maybe you’re great. It’s just that the job market is deflated.

But here’s a question:

Do you also consider it possible that you could be doing a better job of marketing your skills? Do you think you could be presenting yourself better? In your CV, in covering letters and in interviews?

Can I give you some personal insights here? I’m a CV writer – it’s what I do pretty much all day. And I see some really fantastic people make a real hash of their CV etc. They make basic errors.

I don’t want you to do the same. So here’s a great free resource from me: “High Impact Job Search Quick Fixes” – it’s 23 pages of my best ideas for ‘quick fixing’ your CV, cover letter or job interview. It also includes a step-by-step guide to writing a 2 page CV – very useful when adverts say: “send your 2 page CV …”

All you have to do is send an e-mail to quickfixes@getresponse.com

Then check your e-mail inbox.

Hope this helps! Mail me directly if you need help with this (see About page).

The Best Time You Can Spend Online When Job Hunting – a Supercharged Cover Letter Idea

So I got this mail from a CV writing client today, just updating me on his search. Here’s what he said after a week or so of job hunting (name has been changed).

And with it comes a key job hunting lesson. (And when I say “key” I mean “KEY” – as in save yourself hours, days and weeks of aimless Internet surfing to find that new jobs website that has all those perfect jobs for you that no-one else has discovered yet!)

Hi Gerard, I have had a response to the CV from a recruitment agent. Which is more than I have had before. So I feel it is working… I have sent my CV to people that I know.

Here’s my answer to him – he wasn’t complaining but I can tell what’s going on there – he’s main job search strategy is recruiters and job websites. And just for good measure he’s also “sent my CV to people that I know.”

Hi Pete, Good that you’re getting some results. It’s a tough market. So it’s going to be about ‘working’ it and not doing what everyone else does (ie answer job ads). Good to see you already sending your CV out to contacts – but also make personal contact, have coffee, talk to people – and keep doing that. And then there’s this idea:

If you spend time online then spend it researching all the CTO’s you can find (Technical Officers or similar) [Pete is an IT Manager], getting their contact details and mailing them (e-mail or actually hard copy) a letter like this: 

Dear Mr Jones

For the last while I’ve been looking out for companies I’d like to work for. And after checking out www.coolITCompany.com – especially your comments regarding expansion in the new financial year – perhaps there’s a match between what you’re going to need and what I have?

Quick Profile:

Offering 12+ Years Experience Managing ICT Infrastructure, Teams, Support and Service – Currently at [current employer] Achieving 100% Service Level Performance – with Performance Bonuses Awarded for the 8 Years Straight.

I’m still at [current company] but I’d like to get together to explore options with you, if you’re willing. No commitment.

Can I follow up with you on this during the next week? Will call your office.


Do that kind of research and drop that kind of letter often enough and you’re going to uncover some great opportunities. Let me know how it goes.

 That’s what I said. What do you think? Not passive that’s for sure. Too much job hunting IS passive. And it leaves one frustrated and helpless. And without a job frequently. Isn’t it time for a bolder approach?

Hell, yeah. It’s the best way to spend your time online when job hunting.