BIG Job Hunting Mistake – you can’t buy your way past “hard”

I got an e-mail from a client, a great guy. I wrote his CV/resume, which he then sent to another expert for assessment. Kindly he sent me the response, which as you can imagine, was not complimentary (“and for just GBP60 I can fix it for you.”)

Here’s my response, I’m posting it to help other job hunters who are falling into the same trap:

Hi “X” – I don’t have time for this. I’m not offended, because I’ve seen too many CV/resumes and experts’ work over my 10 years. Any CV/resume can be “shredded”. Even one you may pay USD2 000 for. I know, I’ve seen them.

I’m only sad to see that you’re falling into a trap of thinking that there’s a magic fix out there. There isn’t. There’s no “one magic way” to present your CV that will mesmerize every employer and recruiter.

Chasing every ‘expert’ opinion will leave you uncertain, it will make you unsure of yourself, it will make you hesitate and you’ll end up chasing your tail. Not everyone will like your CV, no matter who writes it, no matter what you pay. That’s just a fact.

Your only job now is got get yourself in front of employers. In any challenge there’s the easy part and the hard part. There’s no way to quick fix the hard part. Getting yourself in front of employers – by any means – is the only thing that will help take you forward now.

You’ve hit the hard part. Going back to fix your CV – again – is going back to the easy part, leaving the hard part undone. Getting yet another qualification is also seldom the problem.

Fill your diary. Draw a 10 km circle around where you live. Make a list of potential clients in that area. Make it your mission to contact every one on your list. Fill your diary. Set up 20 appointments for the next 2 weeks. Even if it’s just with ex colleagues, ex managers, friends with connections, etc. There’s a high likelihood somebody somewhere will refer you to someone they know who will turn out to be your next employer. Fill your diary.

Or … you can get your CV fiddled with, again, either by you or by another expert.

If you choose the hard part rather, I’m here for you.

But, hey, maybe I’m wrong?  Comments are open.