Gerard le Roux – CV Writer and Job Search Coach

How can a CV writer help you? A competitive job market means you have to market yourself more powerfully. And your CV plays a leading role. You’ve just got to get it right. So at www.wowcv.net I’ve provided some useful resources to assist you. But also you can read about my CV writing service – if you’d like my personal assistance to help make you ‘unstoppable’.

But there’s more to making yourself unstoppable in your job and career than just a CV. Even if it’s great! So please sign up for the free stuff, visit my Facebook page: www.fb.com/kickassjobsearch, and I’ll then stay in touch with you with ideas to help you.

CV Writer Background

In 2002 I’d been working as a recruiter with large corporations as clients. But my real passion was to see my ‘candidates’, the job hunters, do better at marketing themselves out there. Being more proactive. Being smarter. ‘Cause they were making some really bad mistakes – and no-one! was telling them anything. All they were getting back from recruiters were lame things like,

“You’re overqualified” or,

“Sorry the position was filled internally” (after hearing nothing for 3 weeks after their interview.)

So I started a weekly e-mail advice column to give them some ‘guerrilla’ style ideas and strategies. I called it “Job Search Success”. It’s been around since 2002. And helping job hunters is now my full time occupation with WowCV.net.

CV Writer, Job Search Coach Media Coverage

I’ve appeared on local and national radio stations, in national and local newspapers and I’ve lectured MBA students, opened careers weeks at leading universities.

CV Writer to Clients on Every Continent*

But actually, what I like, is to hole up in my converted horse-stable office – in the apple farming region, Elgin, near Cape Town, South Africa – and help my clients get better results in their job search – and I have clients on every continent (* except Antarctica!)

I’ve written a bunch of advice, both here on WowCV.Net but also over the years I’ve written some very useful guides.

Here are some examples:

  • My FREE e-Course: “12 Breakthrough Job Search Secrets”
    It’s a full education in what works and what doesn’t in the job market. There’s even homework. It’s intense, revealing and gives you some exercises to help get you back on track. I’ll be surprised if you’re applying even one of the secrets. Seriously. Your not applying one or more of these 12 secrets is the reason you may be battling in your job search right now. Without doubt. 
    Get your free E-Course here: send an e-mail to 12jss [at] getresponse.net.
  • My Blog: this is where I give quick ideas, videos and other inspiration for your CV, CV writing, job search, job interviews, cover letters, etc. See it at www.wowcv.net/cv-tips-and-tricks
  • My Facebook Page: visit it, share it with anyone you know who is facing or may ever fact the fire of the job market. Here’s the address: www.facebook.com/kickassjobsearch

Contact Details

Please note – although restricted to being at one place at a time, the Internet and related technology (like phones!, or e-mail or Skype) mean I can help you no matter where you’re from or where in the world you are. Landlines and office addresses are not my style! One day I’m at a coffee shop or country club with my laptop, another I’m working from home, another I’m in another city for a seminar … you get the picture.

So, these are the most reliable ways of contacting me – in order of what works best:

E-Mail – gerard@wowcv.net
Mobile & Whatsapp – +27 83 744 5454
Skype – gerardlr
Address – 2278 Essenhout Ave, Klipkop, Grabouw, W-Cape

[NOTE – I do work for people worldwide – where I am and where you are is no obstacle, thanks to technology.]