A One Page CV? Why? And Could it Give You Any Advantage?

It’s not that often that you’re asked for a 1 page CV. But could it be a good strategy for you?

Well – your CV is there to make an impact for you. Boom! (in the words of Donkey/Eddie Murphy in Shrek). But let’s be straight – sometimes there’s just not that much to say that’s worthy of “Boom!” It happens.

So sometimes it’s an effective strategy to take what you have and make it really count. Making it more concise – 1 page – helps you to focus more attention on what you want attention focused on.

With 1 page there’s nowhere for the reader to go. And by highlighting carefully chosen words or elements (like key achievements) one has the chance to get a message accross with more “Boom!”.

But additionally: there is just something about a 1 pager CV that says: I’m confident; I don’t need lots of words to make me look good; I’m with it; I’m in the modern age.

Older job hunters especially pay attention: don’t reinforce the “old, left behind” stereotype by having a 10 page traditional CV. Rather take the risk of a one pager, highlighting your best big results. Rather cast the light on how you make a difference.

Your message can easily be diluted by lots of information. More information can always be added. But the chance to make a Boom first impression only happens once.

You will irritate recruiters with a 1 page CV. They will ask for more. But so what? If they’re calling you – impressed with the short version – that’s a big achievement and then you have the chance to dazzle them on the phone, in an interview or with additional focused material that builds further on your 1 pager.

Just some ideas. ‘Cause if you keep on doing the same old things, then you know what you can expect?!

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