2 Clues to Motivation

Doing my hill sprints this morning – with a bit of a drizzle and in a gentle cool breeze (life!!!) after a major heat wave – I was thinking of why we do stuff.

I asked Ethan (my 5 year old son): “Hey, why don’t you come with me?” And he said: “I’m too sleepy” while lying in the warm spot in my bed I had vacated at 5:39. Cute. But NOT cute when we’re adults and our response is the same.

Why stay in a lousy job instead of moving? Why don’t we do the very things that can give us our desired result (like a new job), why don’t we like trying new methods? I get this a lot with job hunters – just doing the same old things, over and over and over. They’re not motivated to try new things or to persist.

Why don’t we exercise when so clearly it’s good for us? What motivates us for more than a day or two to make a change? What keeps us going through the hard yards … to the finish … to our ideal?

2 Clues That Occurred to Me

Just plain “maturity” can sometimes get us going: knowing that life involves some tough assignments, so knuckle down and get them done; and “progress” is another: once we start seeing positive results we’re motivated to keep going. But it’s complicated with fear playing a big part too.

A Scary Observation

It’s pretty scary thinking that perhaps we’ll look back on our life and see – too late – that our ‘dream life’ or just a ‘better life’ was just a few steps away all the time. We missed it because we just weren’t motivated enough to take and keep taking steps in the right direction.

Ok, I’m getting way too philosophical! But it’s important. If you’d like to read more on the topic you should check this out. Some real lightbulb moments ahead on the topic of motivation.